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 Retreats       Are The Perfect Way To

 Travel Alone

Solo travel empowers women to step out of their comfort zones and see the world on their own terms. There’s nothing quite like having everything you need right on your back with a drive to see, do, and experience complete freedom in a foreign destination. But the idea of traveling alone is so scary that many people write it off altogether. Truth be told, they’re missing out—but there is a happy medium between hitting the road completely on your own and taking an organized vacation.

It’s called a wellness retreat, and it might be the most addictive travel experience on the planet.

Imagine a mix of cultural immersion, healthy eats, adventurous activities, and therapeutic treatments—those are just some of the amazing things you can expect on a wellness retreat. These kinds of trips nourish your mind, body, and soul with a diverse, structured itinerary and plenty of time for inward reflection. You’ll feel completely at peace and connected with the destination. Plus, when you go on a wellness retreat, you’ll meet other boss babes as deeply interested in experiencing all of the amazing things the world has to offer—without neglecting their self-care along the way.

Ready to hop on a plane, you jetsetter, you? Fab. We’re here to tease your wanderlust with a roundup of the best wellness retreats for solo women travelers eager to explore the world, both externally and internally. These are the wellness retreats that will help you heal your mind and soul, step outside your comfort zone, make new friends, and ultimately reconnect with yourself. Here are the wellness retreats that should be on your bucket list.

Think you can’t get out of town without spending a fortune? Think again—these affordable wellness retreats give you plenty of opportunities to bliss out without breaking the bank.

Discover Calabria Retreats (Calabria, Italy)

Unwind under the southern Italian sun on five-day yoga retreats set in the ancient seaside village of Scilla. Each morning of these wellness retreats kicks off with 90-minute yoga sessions on a terrace overlooking the picturesque Tyrrhenian Sea. Explore the area’s shops and restaurants, or chill out on the beach during your free afternoons. Then, join the others on your wellness retreat for evening yoga and meditation, followed by a four-course meal at a local restaurant.

Not down with downward dogging all week? Consider jumping on Discover Calabria’s women’s-only wellness retreat. Hosted at a historic farmhouse, the retreat includes organic meals, nature walks, meditation, visits to a medieval village, and a sacred circle ceremony that will stimulate “the divine feminine within.” Talk about transformative!

If you would like to join one of our upcoming retreats in Calabria or for information about future dates please click the link below.